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Winter Running Festival Race Results at Wychwood July 2018
Frik Du Preez6 day race820410Runner
Keith Solomon6 day race700350Runner
Carol Nepgen6 day race600300Walker
Jean Nepgen6 day race252126Walker
Eddie Dalbock24 hour race 1204102Runner
Leanna Bredenham24 hour race 1200100Runner
Eddie Dalbock24 hour race 219095Runner
Roger Chricton24 hour race16281Walker
Deon Botha24 hour ace12763.5Runner
Frik Du Preez12 hour race12462Runner
Steve Beetge12 hour race12361.5Runner
Adele Sutherland12 hour ace10854Walker
Paul Selby12 hour race10050Runner
Dot Van Heerden12 hour race10050Walker
Frances Steel12 hour race10050Walker
Joey Lourens12 hour race 29346.5Walker
Carol Nepgen12 hour race8743.5Walker
Joey Lourens12 hour race 18442Walker
Jean Nepgen12 hour race4522.5Walker
Nyaweleni Tshifularo6 hour race 19849Runner
Leanna Bredenham6 hour race9748.5Runner
Maitele Tshifularo6 hour race 18241Runner
Maitele Tshifularo6 hour race 27839Runner
Dawn Deeflets6 hour race 37336.5Walker
Dawn Deeflets6 hour race 17035Walker
Dawn Deeflets6 hour race 27035Walker
Christine Malan6 hour race 17035Walker
Chistine Malan6 hour ace 27035Walker
Graham Hutchins6 hour race6733.5Runner
Nyaweleni Tshifularo6 hour race 26633Runner
Adele Sutherland6 hour race 16532.5Walker
Adele Sutherland6 hour race 25025Walker
Ric Marini6 hour race3718.5Runner
Ric MariniMullidays859429.5Runner
Christne MalanMullidays290145Walker